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Dr. Ian Dunbar and Debbie

As a young child, I was introduced to dogs through a lovely red and white Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Lady.  The first dog I purchased was a tri-Rough Collie who taught me that I had a lot to learn. Robby was a robust and energetic dog; he didn’t handle being bored so training was going to be a necessary. As time went by, my love of collies showed me how these herding dogs could be a joy.   As the years passed, I discovered a rare breed of collie dog known as the Bearded Collie.   Participating in the process of getting a breed of dogs recognized by the AKC was quite a challenge.  My daughters found their interest were in sight hounds with a Whippet and three beautiful Borzoi who all joined our lives.   Years later, I started my adventure into the world of Shetland Sheepdogs.  My Shelties have enjoyed herding, obedience training, rally, agility training, conformation, scent work, farm dog work, trick training and commercials!

Ellis in a Commercial

Teaching classes for over 35 years and attending many seminars has allowed me to be able to educate dog owners and their companions. In my long career in the dog world, I have education in everything from understanding the world of support dogs to genetics!

Here is a sample of my education and background:

  • Animal-Assisted Interventions – An Incredible Range of Therapeutic Benefits by Jonathan Jordan MSW, LCSW 
  • Working with dogs with Behavioral Issues – a seminar by Dr. Ian Dunbar (picture above)
  • A Dog Behavior Seminar with Cesar Millan
  • From the Judge’s Perspective (Obedience) by Walshesky and Glabicki
  • Bridging the Gap-Behavior and Training – a seminar by Laura Roanik
  • Obedience Training Seminar by Self and McCosky
  • Obedience Workshop for Trainers – Animation and Accuracy by Lee and Patton
  • Dog Obedience training with Milo and Margaret Pearsall
  • American Kennel Club Breeder of Merit 

Many of these seminars are taught by the top trainers and authors in the dog training community.

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